Letter to KPFT’s Leo Gold of the New Capital Show

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Leo Gold

Mr. Gold:

I called your show today 10/22/09, and I would like to echo what I said when I called, and my hope is you hear me this time instead of just hanging up the phone because you don’t agree.

I want to express my dismay at the level of close-minded rhetoric on your show today. I think the way in which you treated the caller whom you labeled a “conspiracy theorist”, after you disconnected him I might ad, is deplorable.  It is patriotic to question the official story about everything.  As a matter of fact, that’s the commission the founding fathers gave us.

This level of intolerance is similar to McCarthyism as labeling someone as a Conspiracy Theorist is the same as labeling someone a Communist in the 1950s.  It’s a phrase one can say to instantly discredit someone without the burden of having to evaluate the level of truth in their words.

As a journalist, you have a mandate to question the official story.  This level of intolerance is an outrage to a radio station that claims to stand for peace or at the very least open-minded dialog where callers will be treated with respect and basic human dignity.  Instead, you said the following, (paraphrased):  “Don’t be fooled this man is a sneek, What he said was wrong, he’s crazy, danger!  DANGER! Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!”

Without even giving the caller the respect to respond to your slander, you cowardly make a blanket statement to your listeners discrediting him after you disconnect him.  You say the man is a sneak, a conspiracy theorist and everything he said was paranoid, insane and even dangerous.

Even if you don’t agree with him, you might seek a better way to disagree with your callers that falls in line with the principles of human dignity.

My personal opinion is that you are abusing the gift of the airtime you have been given for your show.  Airtime that I help pay for – it isn’t yours to do with what you will.

Therefore, because of this outrage, I will not support KPFT as a listener or as a donor this year.  I will invest my time and money I have previously allotted for “peace” to some place that knows a little bit better about what peace really is.

Perhaps you should read these words by President Kennedy regarding the responsibility of journalist.

The President and the Press: Address before the American Newspaper Publishers Association


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  3. Free Speech is Dangerous..

    to Tyrants and those who enable them.

  4. So this is Leo Gold’s response to my complaints about his conduct yesterday on KPFT 90.1.

    I assume you are the irate Clint from yesterday’s show, who has now posted indictments of all of KPFT on various sites, and perhaps even left me an anonymous message at my employment accusing me of false things. It would have been easier to just send me an email directly, but you apparently seek a wider controversy. Fine, I seek a wider audience.

    I spent time on Jones’ site last night. Afterward, I regard him as a fine businessman and a good host and a groundbreaker in independent hosting. I’m glad to learn about him, so I thank Sonny for that. I note that he is generally considered in MSM to be, verbatim, a “conspiracy theorist” the words I used after simply glancing at his home page. For what MSM is worth.

    I am well aware that theorist/Paulist/libertarian types regards KPFT as a type of home, and it is not my intention to make anyone feel not at home. If I did that I regret it, though my evaluation is not much changed. At this time, my intention is to discuss this controversy, to the extent that there is one, on next week’s show. That seems to me to be the obvious course of action, although it will be tight given fund drive. Given that, I recommend that you stand down right now. But if not, that’s ok too, as http://www.facebook.com/l/a0199;newcapitalshow.com hits are way up and people are emailing like crazy that they loved yesterday’s show.

    Leo Gold

  5. The diversion that Leo Gold makes is to allege that 9/11 Truth movement considers that the US government or insiders to US government orchestrated 9/11. This is a deceptive, diversion tactic that misstates the position of the 9/11 truth movement.

    Those who protect Mossad/Israeli involvement, like Leo Gold, are doggedly committed to keep the spotlight off of Mossad/Israel as orchestrators of 9/11.

    Don’t let Gold get away with this deception.

    SHOUT FROM THE ROOFTOPS that there is far more evidence linking Israel and Mossad in orchestrating 9/11–along with treasonous elements of the US–than there is evidence to prove that 9/11 was caused by the 19 Islamics (14 of whom were Saudi nationals).

    Leo Gold is a Judas goat–misleading people about the causality of 9/11.

    He is protecting Israel.

    Give Leo Gold hell–in the form of evidence of Israeli involvement in orchestrating 9/11.

    If you haven’t yet watched these videos, do so within the next day or two:

    CORE OF CORRUPTION (free on Google Videos)

    Go to this website and note the number of dual US/Israeli citizens who are named as coconspirators in 9/11: http://whodidit.org/cocon.html

    Like Caesar when he was stabbed by his supposed friend Brutus, the 9/11 attack on the US by Israeli Mossad should stimulate us to say to our “special ally” Israel: “Et tu Mossad?”

    Israel has a history of getting away with attacking US assets. Shine the investigative spotlight on the following Israeli companies: ODIGO, AMDOCS, COMVERSE, Urban Moving Systems and the mainstream media owners who are complicit in criminal support of Israel and the New World Order.

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