LEO GOLD: “I note that he (Alex Jones) is generally considered in MSM to be, verbatim, a “conspiracy theorist” …”

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An unrepentant Leo Gold says he stands by what he said.  Alex Jones is a conspiracy theorist and is dangerous.  He also ads he’s enjoying the publicity he’s getting for attacking Jones.

So this is Leo Gold’s response to my complaints about his conduct yesterday on KPFT 90.1.

I assume you are the irate Clint from yesterday’s show, who has now posted indictments of all of KPFT on various sites, and perhaps even left me an anonymous message at my employment accusing me of false things. It would have been easier to just send me an email directly, but you apparently seek a wider controversy. Fine, I seek a wider audience.

I spent time on Jones’ site last night. Afterward, I regard him as a fine businessman and a good host and a groundbreaker in independent hosting. I’m glad to learn about him, so I thank Sonny for that. I note that he is generally considered in MSM to be, verbatim, a “conspiracy theorist” the words I used after simply glancing at his home page. For what MSM is worth.

I am well aware that theorist/Paulist/libertarian types regards KPFT as a type of home, and it is not my intention to make anyone feel not at home. If I did that I regret it, though my evaluation is not much changed. At this time, my intention is to discuss this controversy, to the extent that there is one, on next week’s show. That seems to me to be the obvious course of action, although it will be tight given fund drive. Given that, I recommend that you stand down right now. But if not, that’s ok too, as http://www.facebook.com/l/a0199;newcapitalshow.com hits are way up and people are emailing like crazy that they loved yesterday’s show.

Leo Gold

I implore people of conscious to put preasure on KPFT to get this guy off the air.  If there are truthers who support KPFT with their dollars, let them know you don’t support front organizations of the NWO.



  1. No. You misunderstand the nature of things yet again. YOU are generating the publicity by posting inflammatory notes (“KPFT HATES ALEX JONES”) on Jones websites. You enjoy the inflammation; I get the publicity. My note above speaks for itself and is in contrast to your portrayal of it.

  2. After having reviewed the show and the comments here, I am quite appalled by the way Mr. Gold swiftly but surely scrapped the original caller’s ideas as “conspiracy theories”. Then proceeded to for the duration of the show belittle and degrade all those who would believe anything like that. Wasn’t the notion that power plants and power lines caused cancer once a conspiracy theory? Wasn’t the world once believed to be flat, and those who said otherwise were dealt with in a similar manner? Just because Mr. Gold refuses to actually look and think before he speaks does not mean that so called “conspiracy theories” and those that believe them are untrue and farcical. I pray that you open your eyes to the unknown for a change, and maybe take your own advice and come up with a solution instead of complaining about “complainers” and “conspiracy theorists”.

  3. […] of business about the program and references to Jones. Milby later posted a series of pieces (1, 2, 3, 4) on his own blog, critical of Leo, me and KPFT for Leo’s terming Jones a conspiracy […]

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