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…or as he said screaming into his microphone, you’ve got Alex Jones, leave us alone to solve the problems.  Are we supposed to think this is open-minded discussion?   Thanks for everyone who called in to the show today.   Despite Leo’s little performance, we made an impact, don’t think we didn’t, but as you know there is so much work to do.

Truthers who tried to call in to discuss last week’s show were only allowed to talk with call center workers to take donations.  Leo said several untrue statements such as you have to pay to read anything on Prisonplanet.net which is not true.  He made references to notions that the truth movement is about placing blame and not about fixing the problem.  Finally, Gold said Truthers should stay off of KPFT and his show, as they have a place, Prison Planet.

What he doesn’t seem to understand, as we are not part of some social organization that sits around stroking each other about how right we are.  We have a commission as bearers of the truth to move our knowledge out of the shadows and into every corner of life in the US and abroad.  We have a platform in KPFT and Leo Gold.  Let’s not drop the ball here.  Let’s continue to press him and KPFT with the truth.  If he’s truly ignorant of the realities of this world, let’s educate him, if he refuses to look at the truth because of fear or because the truth comprimises his current standing in the community, then we have an obligation there as well.  This is a great opportunity to bring real change to the world.  Don’t let it pass us by.

The radio show that is now on the KPFT is not the show I’m speaking of here  (http://archive.kpft.org/mp3/091029_155605nucap.MP3), but you should check back to find this show, make copies and send links to everyone involved, that is if they actually post the show.




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  2. Oh my god enjoyed reading your post. I submitted your rss to my google reader.

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