On November 22, 2009 Americans around the country will gather to rally against this unconstitutional, private bank.  The Houston Area Liberty Campaign, in conjunction with Young Americans For Liberty – UH Chapter, the Harris County Libertarian Party and Restore the Republic held the End The Fed Rally in Houston from 2 to 4PM, Sunday, 11/22/09.

Jake and I attended the event where there was a variety of speakers from congressional candidates to chiropractors as well as a key note from Ron Paul.   I was particular struck by the diversity of the attendees, that spanned ages, races, political affiliations.  This was an ecletic group of people who were brought togeather by a common purpose, that is to pass legislation authorizing Congress to audit the Federal Reserve.

This event comes on the heals of a Congressional vote  on Thursday 11/19/09 that approved legislation introduced by Congressman Ron Paul to audit the Federal Reserve for the first time in the central bank’s 95-year-history.  The audit will investigate the Federal Reserve monetary policy specifically how much the central bank has lent and will lend to specific banks.  Fed Chief Ben Bernanke and other key members of the Obama administration, including Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, had vigorously opposed the move.



  1. This question came up on the Prison Planet forum:

    Q: Did you happen to notice any “government observers” there taking pictures / video of the attendees? Remember, if you go to an END THE FED rally, you’re with Al Qaeda.

    A: It was really hard to tell, and trust me when I say we were looking. There were about 8 or 9 cop cars out in front of the Fed building, but they seemed very relaxed, essentially just stood around in a circle and talked casually. The crowd was so eclectic, young, old, white, black, Hispanic, it was hard to pick out who might be undercover. However, I’m sure they were there considering the laxed demeanor of the police, someone was providing security.

    There was one lady who kept shouting out “Jesus is King” and other religious remarks in an inappropriate manner. She was about middle to the front of the podium, and kept looking back at the crowd when she was say her things, but I never got the impression that there was any provocateur behavior. No news even though the CBS affiliate was just across the street, it seems they couldn’t be bothered.

    There were several bikers on BIG bikes that continued to cruise by the event, and I’m aware through some experiences in Los Angeles, that Federal agents use bikers as cover when out in public. Usually formation riding, and the guys are usually very clean cut, and they seem to be trying to “appear” dirty, but if you know what you’re looking for they’re easy to support. I’d be curious to know if anyone who was there had any other information.

  2. Excellent information and good pics! I was unable to attend any of the End The Fed Rallies yesterday but I am glad others were doing their part to spread the word on this corrupt and unconstitutional entity.

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